Now available on iOS, Android!
Reasons to use LEET
24/7 hosted on real servers
All servers are hosted in the cloud on real servers (rather than run locally on your phone). This means they are live 24/7 even if you switch off your phone. No bandwidth cost, no battery drain, etc.
Extremely fast
Our servers have 128GB memory with powerful processors and a 1GB/s connection, meaning your worlds will load fast and you'll experience nearly no lag! Too good to be true? Test it yourself!
Manage the server from your phone
Managing your server was never this easy! Manage all settings from inside the app, including several plugins!
People that care about MCPE
We think MCPE should be enjoyed in multiplayer, and we believe "micro hosting" of servers is the best way to achieve this. We want to learn from you so that we can build the best solution to achieve this vision. Please contact us any time on to share your feedback, or to get help with any problems you're experiencing.
7 Days free
Up to 7 Days Free!
LEET Minecraft Multiplayer MCPE Realms / Server comes with up to 7 days server time. After that you will need to purchase more "credits" to continue using your server.
LEET.CC comes with a bunch of custom Plugins
Do you want to co-pay to another Server?

Co-pay App (ANDROID)

Download the LEET.CC Co-pay Android App, to co-pay to other Servers.


Co-pay App (IOS)

Download the LEET.CC Co-pay IOS App, to co-pay to other Servers.


How do I make a server?

After downloading the app, turn the server on. This requires you tohave a sufficient amount of credits. Proceed to adding this server to the MCPE server list in the MCPE app. Click: New -> + -> Add external server (these are all in the top right corner). Fill out the IP with the IP provided in the app, and the port respectively. The name can be as you wish. You cannot join the server if it is offline, so make sure it is online the app.

Why can’t I unban items?

You cannot unban any items. Items are banned to reduce CPU, which inturn reduces lag. If we were to allow this, CPU could almost double by a half! You can unban items however by using "unban items" in the LEET app.

I can’t join my server?

We are always working on stability and we apologise for this issue.
Please try the following in getting your server working:

- Remove all colours from server name.
- Turn the server off and on.
- Use another MCPE username.
- Make sure you have sufficient credits.
- Rollback the server to before the issue occurred.

Someone donated/I purchased some credits and they didn’t get through.

Sorry about this. Provide us the receipt and we would be happy to help you. Provide us with your receipt. We will not respond until a receipt is provided.

I can’t access my in-game LEET account.

Visit http://LEET.CC/reset to get this issue sorted.

How to make a shop?

To add shops you need to buy Economy in the LEET.CC app.
To make shops, write this on a sign:
It would show:
  Amount: 5.
The first line contains the word 'shop'.
The second one contains the price without the $-icon.
The third line contains the block ID.
The last line contains the amount of items you buy.

Can you please add X, Y and Z and how do I get X/Y/Z?

We appreciate all suggestions, and yours will be taken into consideration. You can only use the plugins provided in the app.

How to unban players? I/Someone I know was banned!

To unban a player do /pardon. This requires OP permissions. If it is an IP ban get an OP friend to pardon your IP. If you were banned yourself, OP another account and use this to sort things out.

How do I delete my server?

If you no longer want a server just abandon it (leave it be), we cannot physically delete your server. The server will gradually delete itself over time.

Can I have a free server/credits?

We do not offer free credits or servers sorry. Purchasing them helps us sustain servers for the future, and keep them more stable and generally better.

I don’t have factions etc. How do I get it?

If you have Android or iOS just enable it in the app. For the newer features you may require the v2 of LEET on iOS.

I cannot apply colours to server name?

Sorry about this, remove it for now otherwise issues will be caused, most commonly internet issues.

I can’t see my IP?

We are working on it for the next update, but there is a way to work it out yourself. If you see b12345 for example, the IP would be

How to add groups?

If you are using Android, you can unlock the 'Modify Rank' feature, this will allow you to add an unlimited amount of groups to your server. If you are on iOS, you cannot use this feature yet.

How to set groups, or become Owner?

Set groups using /setgroup. This requires ranks to be enabled. You have a choice of the following ranks: Member, Mod, Admin, CoOwner and Owner. To add people to a rank do:
  /setgroup (username) (rank).

How to get more credits?

Purchase them in the app.

How to make warp signs?

To create a warp sign, you must have a warp which has been created prior to the creation of the sign. When using it, it must be CaSe SeNsItIVe.

How to make warp signs?

To create a warp sign, you must have a warp which has been created prior to the creation of the sign. When using it, it must be CaSe SeNsItIVe.

On the first line of the sign write:

On the second line of the sign write:
  (warp name)

If my warp was called 12345 for example, on the sign I would write:

How to donate to servers?

for Android, co-pay to servers using the application for co-payments. On iOS, use Co-Pay which is available in the LEET v2 app.

How to change server name (or any other feature)?

Most of these are changeable in the app.

What does (Insert feature/plugin) do?

This isn’t a LEET related question. Look up tutorials online.

My server is crashing?

We are working on stability to prevent crashes, sorry for any mishap caused meanwhile.

I think my server may be hacked.

Whitelist the server immediately and OP another account. Take this time to fix any issues since the server is whitelisted and "hackers" cannot join. Please email if the issues persist.

My server IP has changed!

If you had left your server for about 5 days or so, it gets "recycled". This is because we use limited resources. Due to this reason, you may have lost your server and got a new one when you returned. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to restore recycled servers, however if your server had gone before 5 days we are capable of doing so. In this case provide us the old and new server domain. We will check whether this is the case however.

How to reset my map?

To reset the map, change the map terrain then change it back. For example, if your current map is standard and you want it to stay standard, you make the server flat then make it standard again. This will give you a fresh standard world.

How do I make a new server?

You can make a new server on Android by using another email to create another. However on iOS, this isn’t possible. If you want to remove the server and have another one in place, THAT is possible on iOS. You just abandon the server for 2-5 days and it should be replaced. This means 100% inactive.

How to get my server to LEET v2 or switch to it?

Please visit https://LEET.CC/upgrade for more info.

How do I add permissins for a user/group.

This isn’t possible at the moment.

Why can’t I use this/place that/spawn this?

Most likely because you either didn’t unlock or enable it in the LEET app or because it isn’t suported by PocketMine yet.
LEET.CC is available on ANDROID and iOS!

Direct contact to the LEET Team. Feel free to contact us at any time.



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