Cloud-hosted MCPE servers from your own phone.

(available today for iOS and Android)

LEET's Features

Here at LEET Hosting we love MCPE. We have a thorough belief that it is best enjoyed with friends, and the best way to do that is through our micro-hosting platform.

Cloud Hosted

Servers on Leet are hosted on the cloud to ensure 24/7 uptime.* No bandwidth costs, no battery drain, always on.

App Managed

Download the Leet Management app for your phone to get instant access to your server's configuration. Available on both Android and iOS.

Blazin' Fast

Our servers are hosted on powerful dedicated machines with 128GB memory combined with Intel processors connected through a 1Gbps connection.

Up to 7 days free!

Because we love you, when you launch the app for the first time you'll be given enough credits to keep your server up for 7 days.

Instant Setup

No waiting for your server to be installed, be online in seconds. Just download the app and launch your server.


Adjust all your server's core settings and install plugins with our awesome app for your mobile device!

Server Control App

If you're looking to start your server or modify the settings, This control app is the one for you.

Hot Servers

Below you can find our automatically generated list of servers which we deem as 'hot stuff'. You should seriously check 'em out!


If you're looking to help a friend, family member, or just another Steve out, then our Co-Pay app is what you seek. It seamlessly allows you to make a payment to support another person's server costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love our users, and we desire to keep them happy; our loving support team has worked together some answers to your most frequent questions to help save you time. However, if you do require further assistance then please do feel free to contact us.

How do I create a server?

After downloading the app, select the option to turn the server on. This requires you have a sufficient credit balance. You may then proceed to add the server to your MCPE client.

Open MCPE, and then click: New -> + -> Add external server (at the top right of your screen). Add the IP and port exactly as the Leet Manager app shows. The name can be as you wish.

Why can’t I unban items?

Most banned items can be unrestricted through the app using the "unban items" tool; however not all items are able to be unbanned. This is due to the strain they put on our servers, we have to reduce your lag and improve server performance.

I can’t join my server?

We are always working on stability and we apologise for this issue.
Please try the following in getting your server back online:
- Make sure you have sufficient credits.
- Turn the server off and on.
- Use another MCPE username.
- Remove all colours from server name.
- Rollback the server to before the issue occurred.

If issues continue after 12 hours please feel free to contact our support team.

Someone donated / I purchased some credits and they didn’t go through.

Sorry about this; this issue happens infrequently and we understand the frustration that it causes. Provide us with the receipt and we would be more than happy to help you. Please note that we will not respond until a receipt is provided.

How do I make a shop?

To add shops you need to buy 'Economy' in the LEET Manager app.
You may then make a shop by placing a sign with the following format (without the brackets):
  [price]    (without $ sign)
 [item id]

Can you please add X, Y, and Z and how do I get X, Y, or Z?

You can only use the plugins which we provide through the Leet Manager app; however we appreciate all suggestions, and yours will be taken into consideration if you wish for us to add a new one.

How do I unban players? Someone I know was banned!

To unban a player do /pardon. This requires operator (OP) permissions. If it is an IP ban get an OP to pardon the IP address. If you were banned yourself, OP another account and use this to sort things out.

How do I delete my server?

If you no longer want a server just abandon it (leave it be / leave it lovelessly on the side of the road crying), we cannot manually delete your server. The server will eventually delete itself over time.

How do I get more credits?

Purchase them within the app or have another person use the Co-Pay app to add credits for you.

Can I have some free credits?

We issue all users with 70 free credits upon setup. Purchasing further credits helps us sustain our servers for the future, keep them more stable, and generally improve our hardware and platform. For this reason we do not issue free credits beyond this.

I don’t have factions etc. How do I get it?

Just enable the Factions plugin in the plugin section of the app.

I can’t see my IP?

We are working on it for the next update, but there is a way to work it out yourself. If you see b12345 for example, the IP would be

How to add groups?

If you are using Android, you can unlock the 'Modify Rank' feature, this will allow you to add an unlimited amount of groups to your server. If you are on iOS, you cannot use this feature yet.

How to set groups, or become Owner?

Set groups using /setgroup. This requires ranks to be enabled. You have a choice of the following ranks: Member, Mod, Admin, CoOwner and Owner. To add people to a rank do: /setgroup (username) (rank).

I cannot apply colours to server name?

Verify you are only using allowed symbols in the server name, Mainly alpha numeric.

How to change server name (or any other feature)?

Most features are changeable in the app; just open it up and configure your server as you'd like.

How to donate to servers?

For Android, Download the LEET Doantions application. On iOS, Download the LEET Co-Pay application.

My server is crashing?

Please file a support ticket at

I think my server may be hacked.

Whitelist the server immediately and OP another account. Take this time to fix any issues since the server is whitelisted and "hackers" cannot join. Please email if the issues persist..

How do I reset my map?

To reset the map, change the map terrain then change it back. For example, if your current map is standard and you want it to stay standard, you make the server flat then make it standard again. This will give you a fresh standard world.

How do I make a new server?

You can make a new server on Android/IOS by using another email to create another.

How do I add permissions for a user / group.

You can use /setuperm [user] [permission] and /setgperm [group] [permission]

Why can’t I use this / place that / spawn this?

Most likely because you either didn’t unlock or enable it in the LEET app or because it isn’t suported by PocketMine yet.

Need Further Support?

Our lovely support team is ready and waiting to answer your questions (almost) around the clock. We feed them genetically altered superfoods to make sure they work as efficiently as possible to help you best!

LEET Discord

Direct contact to the LEET Team. Feel free to contact us at any time.


Updates, events, giveaways and more are all posted on the Twitter!